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Yamaha Montage6

Montage sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and strea..

178.800,00 МКД 223.500,00 МКД

Yamaha MX49

MX49 [MX Series] Motif Sounds for Inspiration, Xtensive Controller Integration. It does..

33.800,00 МКД 39.800,00 МКД

Yamaha EMX5016CF

EMX5016CF [EMX5016CF] Serious Live Sound Capability Plus Innovative Digital Features Cons..

69.800,00 МКД 75.900,00 МКД

Yamaha TF3

TF3   [TF Series]   Ample input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console that can ..

188.000,00 МКД 221.300,00 МКД

Line 6 Amplifi TT Guitar Interface

 Amplifi TT Guitar Interface   TRANSFORM ANY ROOM INTO A JAM SPACE Jam, practice and record-anyt..

6.500,00 МКД 13.000,00 МКД

Steinberg UR44 audio interface

UR44 — BUILT TO LAST   6 x 4 USB 2.0 audio interface with 4x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support and ..

18.400,00 МКД 21.600,00 МКД

Yamaha CVP-701 B/W/PE

CVP-701 [Clavinova] Musical fun and entertainment for the entire family. From the outstandi..

155.000,00 МКД 172.300,00 МКД

Yamaha LL-TA VT/BS

  LL-TA   Play, listen…be inspired There’s nothing so inspiring as playing guitar in a..

61.700,00 МКД 68.600,00 МКД

Yamaha NTX700 -тесен врат - NT/BL/SDB

NTX700 [NTX]   Like the NTX1200 and NTX900, this model easily accommodates a wide ran..

42.700,00 МКД 50.200,00 МКД

Yamaha RS320 RCP/BST/SYL

RS320   [REVSTAR Series] 12/2015 on sale     No nonsense—stripped down, souped up and ..

24.900,00 МКД 27.900,00 МКД

Yamaha RGX220 DZ - DMG/MBK/MB/RM

RGX220DZ [RGX]   Fitted with a double-locking tremolo system, the RGX220DZ delivers amazing..

24.400,00 МКД 27.850,00 МКД

Yamaha BB714BS - Billy Sheehan Signature Model LR/BL (со футрола)

BB714BS [SIGNATURE] Billy Sheehan Signature Model Designed by Billy Sheehan and Yamaha Arti..

42.000,00 МКД 50.900,00 МКД

Tromba тромбон (пластичен) со футрола и сталка

TROMBA PRO Bb-Trombone Blue incl. Bag   Only 800 gram of weight!     The TROMBA PRO Bb-Trombon..

11.250,00 МКД 12.500,00 МКД

Yamaha YAS-280 алт

YAS-280     Alto Saxophone, Finish: Gold lacquer The YAS/YTS-280 saxophones offer a perfect ..

63.150,00 МКД 74.300,00 МКД

Ludwig LC179

Ludwig LC179 "Breakbeats by Questlove" Drum Set  (без чинели и сталки)   Breakbeats by Ludwig ma..

31.500,00 МКД 35.000,00 МКД

Yamaha B1 SG2 Modern PE

  B1 SG2   1/2013 on sale You can play with the great sound sampling from CF..

307.500,00 МКД 329.850,00 МКД

A&S AAS-110 Eb - алт

Eb-Alto Saxophone AAS-110   Gold lacquer High F# reinforced neck ergonomic thumbrest ..

40.000,00 МКД 47.400,00 МКД

Yamaha DD-75

DD-75 New "The perfect all-in-one mini drum kit solution". Designed from a drummer's point o..

15.300,00 МКД 17.000,00 МКД

Yamaha B1 PWH / PW / PM / SNC / OPDW / NBS

b1 [b Series] The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, na..

215.800,00 МКД 239.350,00 МКД

Yamaha reface YC - комбо органа

reface YC   [reface]   Electric combo organ: a ton of vintage sound and control that weighs ..

25.000,00 МКД 29.450,00 МКД

Yamaha reface DX - FM синтисајзер

reface DX   [reface]   FM synthesizer: Discover new/genuine FM   Features Sound..

25.000,00 МКД 29.450,00 МКД

Yamaha EMX2

Powered Mixer EMX2   Easy Does It The EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier. Lightweigh..

24.900,00 МКД 29.450,00 МКД

Yamaha THR100H

THR100H   [THR Head] The little amp that DOES. Get ready to experience a whole new level of ..

40.000,00 МКД 44.600,00 МКД

Yamaha i-UX1 USB-MIDI интерфејс

i-UX1 Connect your instrument to iOS Applications and expand your mobile music world! Features..

4.150,00 МКД 4.900,00 МКД

Line 6 Relay G30 - безжичен систем за гитара

RELAY G30   Designed for musicians who value pure tone, Line 6's Relay digital wireless systems ..

12.150,00 МКД 13.500,00 МКД

Yamaha MSP7 Studio парче

MSP7 STUDIO [MSP STUDIO Series] Refined Monitoring Precision The choice of top recording an..

31.000,00 МКД 39.850,00 МКД

Electro-harmonix Nano Clone - корус

Nano Clone Chorus Effect Pedal The Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone Chorus Effect Pedal is everythin..

2.500,00 МКД 3.200,00 МКД

Yamaha HS8 парче

POWERED STUDIO MONITOR HS8 [HS Series]   2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield st..

18.900,00 МКД 21.000,00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-S670

PSR-S670   [Arranger Workstation Keyboards] A new generation of digital keyboard With its st..

38.000,00 МКД 45.000,00 МКД

Yamaha P3500S

P3500S [P Series] Robust Power Output, Superior Audio Quality, and Efficient Operation Vers..

33.100,00 МКД 36.800,00 МКД

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch SBP2F5 (без чинели)

Stage Custom Birch 100% Birch Shell Stage Custom has evolved again As with the introduction of..

66.300,00 МКД 73.700,00 МКД

Yamaha DTX500 Trigger Set

DTX500 Trigger Set Turn your acoustic drum kit into an e-drum set or add the powerful e-drums s..

13.900,00 МКД 15.500,00 МКД


AUDIOGRAM6 [AUDIOGRAM Series] Computer Based Recording Packages 6 Input Channels, 2 H..

7.300,00 МКД 11.280,00 МКД

Yamaha P-115 B/WH

P-115   [P]   Complete with a full array of functions and piano quality. A compact digital ..

38.700,00 МКД 43.000,00 МКД


Yamaha Pacifica Spider Pack

Pacifica 012 Black &  Line6 Spider IV 15W - Electric guitar package. ompact and lightweight, yet ..

18.000,00 МКД

Yamaha F310P2

Package Model of F310 ..

10.500,00 МКД

Yamaha C40

Класична гитара С 40... ..

9.000,00 МКД

Yamaha C30

Класична гитара Yamaha C30. ..

7.600,00 МКД


APX500IIEW [APX]   APX500IIEW is a 2013 limited run model featuring exotic mango figures on..

25.750,00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-F51

  PSR-F51   [Portable Keyboards] Easy, user-friendly and fun! Our principal aim in desi..

7.900,00 МКД

Yamaha YPT-230

YPT-230 [Portable Keyboards] Yamaha's YPT Series keyboards enrich, educate, entertain, and emp..

7.900,00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-E453

PSR-E453   [Portable Keyboards] Your toolbox for making powerful music 61-key touch response..

21.800,00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-EW400

PSR-EW400   [Portable Keyboards] Portable Performance Powerhouse The flagship model in the P..

28.500,00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-S670

PSR-S670   [Arranger Workstation Keyboards] A new generation of digital keyboard With its st..

38.000,00 МКД 45.000,00 МКД

Yamaha DGX-660

DGX-660   [Portable Grand] Play, Sing, Share, Repeat Contemporary and versatile, the DGX-660..

54.900,00 МКД

Line 6 Amplifi 30

Amplifi 30  Electric Guitar Combo and Bluetooth Speaker System with iOS Integration Power: ..

18.200,00 МКД

Hartke HD15 Bass Combo

HD15 Bass Combo 15 watts of output power6.5" HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driverTop-mounted am..

6.900,00 МКД

Hartke HD25 Bass Combo

HD25 Bass Combo   25 watts of output power8" HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driverTop-moun..

10.000,00 МКД

LD Systems LAX 3 USB

LAX 3 USB 3-Channel USB Mixer with Phantom Power The LAX 3 USB by LD Systems is the ultracompa..

4.000,00 МКД

Line 6 M5 Stompbox

LINE 6 M5 STOMPBOX MODELER Supercharge your pedal board with ..

8.100,00 МКД

Line 6 Pocket Pod

Pocket Pod Line 6 Pocket Pod guitar amp modeler - 32 amp models, 16 speaker models, 16 effects,..

7.300,00 МКД

Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack

Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack   The Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack is a bundle with a con..

17.300,00 МКД

Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter

MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter for wireless Bluetooth Connection bet..

3.100,00 МКД

BOWING BS44 - kontrabas set 4/4

BOWING BS44 Basswood top, back & side painted purfling 4/4 Double Bass satin finish with hardwo..

46.500,00 МКД

BOWING CS44 - violončelo set 4/4

BOWING CS44 Spruce top p Maple back & side painted purfling 4/4 cello satin finish with ha..

17.500,00 МКД

BOWING VS1044 - violina set 4/4

BOWING VS1044 Solid Spruce top Solid Maple back & side purfling inlaid 4/4 violin in satin fi..

5.500,00 МКД

Yamaha Venova YVS-100

Venova YVS-100 Yamaha Venova, made ABS-plastic, tone range over two ocatves, tuning in C, fingeri..

6.900,00 МКД


 JC 50NTBU JAM CAJON Crafted in Europe, the MEINL Jam Birch Cajon packs a powerful low end p..

5.000,00 МКД

Mapex TND5044TCDR


29.000,00 МКД

Yamaha Rydeen RDP2F5CY без чинели (со чинели 46500)

Rydeen RDP2F5CY (без чинели)Yamaha Rydeen Standard Set, model: RDP2F5CY-FB, finish: Fine Blue (FB), ..

40.000,00 МКД

Yamaha EAD10

The EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module enhances the way you practice, record and perform with you..

36.000,00 МКД

Flight F-230 NA

FLIGHT F-230 NA FOLK ACOUSTIC GUITAR Color: Natural Top: Spruce Sides: Agathis Back: Agath..

5.500,00 МКД


Guitar Amplifier 15 W..

3.000,00 МКД

GEWApure E-Bass vgs RCB-100 Bass Pack

GEWApure E-Bass vgs RCB-100 Bass Pack VGS RCB-100 E-bass  ZAR B-15SE amplifier (15 watt / 8" spe..

13.000,00 МКД

GEWApure E-guitar vgs RC-100 Guitar Pack

GEWApure E-guitar vgs RC-100 Guitar Pack VGS RC-100 E-guitar ZAR E-10SE amplifier (10 watt / 6.5..

12.000,00 МКД

Ново Yamaha C6X Пијано во Салон 1919 - КИЦ
Ново Yamaha C6X Пијано во Салон 1919 - КИЦ27/05/2018
Културно-Информативниот Центар во Скопје доби ново Yamaha пијано за потребите на музичката активност во „Салон 19,19“.

Yamaha Мusic Foundation стипендија за најдобриот кларинетист 2017/18
Yamaha Мusic Foundation стипендија за најдобриот кларинетист 2017/1828/03/2018
Никола Мицевски (Кларинет) добитник на стипендија од Yamaha

• Yamaha GENOS Promo •
• Yamaha GENOS Promo •11/12/2017
Промоција на последното "чудо" на Јамаха - ДО РЕ МИ и Огнен Стаматоски