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Yamaha Montage6

MONTAGE6Montage sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation a..

178,800.00 МКД 223,500.00 МКД

Yamaha MX49

MX49 [MX Series] Motif Sounds for Inspiration, Xtensive Controller Integration. It does..

33,800.00 МКД 39,800.00 МКД

Yamaha EMX5016CF

EMX5016CF [EMX5016CF] Serious Live Sound Capability Plus Innovative Digital Features Cons..

69,800.00 МКД 75,900.00 МКД

Yamaha TF3

TF3   [TF Series]   Ample input capacity and hands-on control in a compact console that can ..

188,000.00 МКД 221,300.00 МКД

Steinberg UR44 audio interface

UR44 — BUILT TO LAST   6 x 4 USB 2.0 audio interface with 4x D-PREs, 24-bit/192 kHz support and ..

18,400.00 МКД 21,600.00 МКД

Yamaha LL-TA

There’s nothing so inspiring as playing guitar in a great sounding room – it makes you play bett..

61,700.00 МКД 68,600.00 МКД

Yamaha NTX700 nails neck - NT / BL / SDB

NTX700 [NTX]   Like the NTX1200 and NTX900, this model easily accommodates a wide ran..

42,700.00 МКД 50,200.00 МКД

Yamaha RS320

Stripped down, souped up and ready to rock, the RS320 is ready for whatever you can throw at it. ..

24,900.00 МКД 27,900.00 МКД

Tromba тромбон (пластичен) со футрола и сталка

TROMBA PRO Bb-Trombone Blue incl. Bag   Only 800 gram of weight!     The TROMBA PRO Bb-Trombon..

11,250.00 МКД 12,500.00 МКД

Yamaha YAS-280 alto

YAS-280     Alto Saxophone, Finish: Gold lacquer The YAS/YTS-280 saxophones offer a perfect ..

63,150.00 МКД 74,300.00 МКД

Yamaha B1 SG2 Modern PE

  B1 SG2   1/2013 on sale You can play with the great sound sampling from CF..

307,500.00 МКД 329,850.00 МКД

A & S AAS-110 Eb - alto

Eb-Alto Saxophone AAS-110   Gold lacquer High F# reinforced neck ergonomic thumbrest ..

40,000.00 МКД 47,400.00 МКД

Yamaha DD-75

DD-75 New "The perfect all-in-one mini drum kit solution". Designed from a drummer's point o..

15,300.00 МКД 17,000.00 МКД

Yamaha B1 PWH / PW / PM / SNC / OPDW / NBS

b1 [b Series] The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, na..

215,800.00 МКД 239,350.00 МКД

Yamaha reface YC - combo organ

reface YC   [reface]   Electric combo organ: a ton of vintage sound and control that weighs ..

25,000.00 МКД 29,450.00 МКД

Yamaha reface DX - FM synthesizer

reface DX   [reface]   FM synthesizer: Discover new/genuine FM   Features Sound..

25,000.00 МКД 29,450.00 МКД

Yamaha EMX2

Powered Mixer EMX2   Easy Does It The EMX2 is both a mixer and a power amplifier. Lightweigh..

24,900.00 МКД 29,450.00 МКД

Yamaha THR100H

THR100H   [THR Head] The little amp that DOES. Get ready to experience a whole new level of ..

40,000.00 МКД 44,600.00 МКД

Line6 Relay G30

Designed for musicians who value pure tone, Line 6's Relay digital wireless systems deliver unparall..

12,150.00 МКД 13,500.00 МКД

Yamaha MSP7 Studio парче

MSP7 STUDIO [MSP STUDIO Series] Refined Monitoring Precision The choice of top recording an..

31,000.00 МКД 39,850.00 МКД

Yamaha HS8 piece

POWERED STUDIO MONITOR HS8 [HS Series]   2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield st..

18,900.00 МКД 21,000.00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-S670

PSR-S670   [Arranger Workstation Keyboards] A new generation of digital keyboard With its st..

38,000.00 МКД 45,000.00 МКД

Yamaha DTX500 Trigger Set

DTX500 Trigger Set Turn your acoustic drum kit into an e-drum set or add the powerful e-drums s..

13,900.00 МКД 15,500.00 МКД

Yamaha CP4 Stage

CP4 STAGE [CP STAGE Series]   The CP4 STAGE is simply the best stage piano Yamaha has ever ..

99,900.00 МКД 158,600.00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-S775

The PSR-S775 is a professional performance workstation with more content and a larger memory capac..

59,500.00 МКД 74,400.00 МКД


STORIA I delights with clear yet rich tones, and a clean, modern aesthetic that attracts attention a..

20,800.00 МКД 24,500.00 МКД


Yamaha Pacifica Spider Pack II

Pacifica 012 Black & Line6 Spider® V 20 - Electric guitar package.Compact and lightweight, yet w..

19,500.00 МКД

Yamaha F310 P2

Package Model of F310 ..

12,300.00 МКД

Yamaha C40

The C40 might be one of Yamaha's most inexpensive full-size classical models, but its quality and ..

9,000.00 МКД

Yamaha C30

Beginners will appreciate the level of quality found in the C and CS series classic guitars. These..

7,600.00 МКД

Yamaha APX600

The archetypal APX, the 600 series combines the outstanding comfort and perfect on-stage tone of the..

21,250.00 МКД 25,000.00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-F51

  PSR-F51   [Portable Keyboards] Easy, user-friendly and fun! Our principal aim in desi..

7,900.00 МКД

Yamaha YPT-260

61-key, entry-level Portable Keyboard featuring a wide variety of sounds and functions. YPT-260 i..

11,000.00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-EW410

PSR-EW410 is an ideal 76-note keyboard for performing various styles of music, from the latest hit..

29,600.00 МКД

Yamaha PSR-S670

PSR-S670   [Arranger Workstation Keyboards] A new generation of digital keyboard With its st..

38,000.00 МКД 45,000.00 МКД

Yamaha DGX-660

DGX-660   [Portable Grand] Play, Sing, Share, Repeat Contemporary and versatile, the DGX-660..

58,900.00 МКД

Line 6 Amplifi 30

Amplifi 30  Electric Guitar Combo and Bluetooth Speaker System with iOS Integration Power: ..

18,200.00 МКД

Hartke HD15 Bass Combo

HD15 Bass Combo 15 watts of output power6.5" HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driverTop-mounted am..

6,900.00 МКД

Hartke HD25 Bass Combo

HD25 Bass Combo   25 watts of output power8" HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driverTop-moun..

10,000.00 МКД

LD Systems LAX 3 USB

LAX 3 USB 3-Channel USB Mixer with Phantom Power The LAX 3 USB by LD Systems is the ultracompa..

4,000.00 МКД

Line 6 Stompbox M5

LINE 6 M5 STOMPBOX MODELER Supercharge your pedal board with ..

8,100.00 МКД

Line 6 Pod Pocket

Pocket Pod Line 6 Pocket Pod guitar amp modeler - 32 amp models, 16 speaker models, 16 effects,..

7,300.00 МКД

Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack

Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack   The Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack is a bundle with a con..

17,300.00 МКД

Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Adapter Midi

MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter for wireless Bluetooth Connection bet..

3,100.00 МКД

BWING BS44 - upright bass set 4/4

BWING BS44 Basswood top, back & side painted purfling 4/4 Double Bass satin finish with har..

46,500.00 МКД

BOWING CS44 - violončelo set 4/4

BOWING CS44 Spruce top Maple back & side painted purfling 4/4 cello satin finish with hardwood..

17,500.00 МКД

BWING VS1044 - Violin Set 4/4

BWING VS1044 Solid Spruce top Solid Maple back & side purfling inlaid 4/4 violin in satin..

6,000.00 МКД

Yamaha Venova YVS-100

Venova YVS-100 Yamaha Venova, made ABS-plastic, tone range over two ocatves, tuning in C, fingeri..

6,900.00 МКД


 JC 50NTBU JAM CAJON Crafted in Europe, the MEINL Jam Birch Cajon packs a powerful low end p..

5,000.00 МКД

Mapex TND5044TCDR


29,000.00 МКД

Yamaha Rydeen RDP2F5CY without cymbals (with cymbals 46500)

Rydeen RDP2F5CY (без чинели)Yamaha Rydeen Standard Set, model: RDP2F5CY-FB, finish: Fine Blue (FB), ..

40,000.00 МКД

Yamaha EAD10

The EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module enhances the way you practice, record and perform with you..

36,000.00 МКД

Flight F-230 NA

Flight F-230C is a 6-strings Cutaway Acoustic guitar made of Spruce (wood) and Agathis, suitable for..

5,500.00 МКД


Guitar Amplifier 15 W..

3,000.00 МКД

GEWA VGS RCB-100 Bass Pack

VGS RCB-100 E-bass  ZAR B-15SE amplifier (15 watt / 8" speaker) 1 automatic tuner with input ..

14,000.00 МКД

GEWA VGS RC-100 E-Guitar Pack

VGS RC-100 E-guitar ZAR E-10SE amplifier (10 watt / 6.5" speaker) 1 automatic tuner with input jac..

13,000.00 МКД

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New Yamaha C6X Piano at Culture Informative Center - Skopje
New Yamaha C6X Piano at Culture Informative Center - Skopje27/05/2018
Recently Cultural Informative Center - KIC Skopje has been equipped with a brand new concert piano Yamaha C6X on the stage of Salon 1919

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