Steinberg CMC-TP transport controller

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The USB-powered CMC Transport Controller is the ultra-intuitive
hardware equivalent of the Cubase transport section. This featurepacked
yet easy-to-use micro controller is the ultimate choice for
smooth project navigation, demanding editing tasks and mouse-free
recording sessions. With a total of 17 buttons, user-definable functions
and a pioneering touch device, this controller is a valuable addition to
any project studio or live performance setup.

Key features

  • USB-powered transport controller
  • Major Transport functions, including Play, Stop, Record, Rew, Fwd, Cycle, Nudge and Insert Marker
  • Newly developed touch controller with a cutting-edge capacitance slider design
  • Touch slider provides innovative control for Jog, Shuttle, Locate, Scroll, Zoom, Metronome and Tempo
  • 4 user-assignable function keys

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