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The CT-8000 Series are constructed using the Yamaha Air-Seal System and YESS Mount System to produce a quality drum and to achieve the distinct Yamaha sound. Available in 8 sizes.

*The WS-865A stands are sold separately.


Size Lineup

Available in 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16" inches.

New Size Structure

Yamaha adopted the same size structure as the flagship CT-900 Series, based on the proportional relation between diameter and depth, which is “For every 1 inch increase in diameter, increase the depth by 1/2 inch”. As a result, Yamaha designers successfully achieved the classical tone and lingering depth which is fundamentally different from that of existing concert toms. The CT-8000 Series offers solid attack and brilliant tone as a whole set, which gives you a higher level of expressivity. This series also has a wide tuning range from high to low register to allow you to produce various types of sound.

YESS Mount System



Providing minimum mount-to-shell contact, the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS) delivers increased resonance plus maximizes dynamic range and sustain. Mounts are attached at the drum's nodal point where shell vibration is least effected.

Air-Seal System Shells

The shells are produced utilizing the Air-Seal System. This process ensures that shells start round and stay round; an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

WS-865A Stand

The CT-8000 Series are available with the WS-865A heavy-duty stand. The stand features double braced legs for stability.

Darkwood Stain

Perfect for all symphonic situations.


Body Color New dark wood


Size CT-8006: 6"x6.5", CT-8008: 8"x8", CT-8010: 10"x9", CT-8012: 12"x10", CT-8013: 13"x10.5", CT-8014: 14"x11", CT-8015: 15"x11.5", CT-8016: 16"x12"

Design/Architecture Detail

Hoop Model Dynahoop
Shells Material Birch ply
Head Batter Yamaha Remo UT Pinstripe
Mount YESS Mount

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Yamaha CT-8006 - 6"x 6 1/2" парче

  • Производител: YAMAHA
  • Достапност: Јавете се
  • 13.900,00 МКД

Ознаки: Yamaha CT8006 6"x 6 1/2" парче