• Yamaha YPC-91MS



Developed in close cooperation with famous piccolo player Maurizio Simeoli from "Teatro alla Scala, Milano"

Signature model "Maurizio Simeoli", fully handcrafted, grenadilla headjoint & body, sterling silver keys.


Wave cut wood headjoint for MS model

Yamaha designed an original wave cut wood headjoint under the supervision of Maurizio Simeoli, principal piccolo player of La Scala Opera House in Milan. For this unique headjoint, the surface and internal shape of the embouchure hole were redesigned, which results in a clear tone, a wider dynamic range, and rich resonance.

Material change for tone reflector

The material of tone reflector was changed to silver, leading to its characteristic mellifluous and supple tone.

Cork pads

This is the first Yamaha wood piccolo that uses cork for its all pads. This results in a clear response which will improve reproducibility of your play.

New back taper shape for body bore

New bore shape with a different taper ratio from previous model offers great projection throughout all registers as well as improved playing feel.


Body & Footjoint Grenadilla
Keys Sterling silver
Headjoint & Lip Plate Grenadilla

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Yamaha YPC-91MS

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